About us

My name is Debbie Covic, owner of Crescent Valley Goldens.

My love for Goldens began in January of 2000 when I purchased my first golden retriever, Asia, from my dear friend Joanne Cava at Tanglewood Goldens in North Carolina.

 The past 17+ years we have enjoyed our loving goldens as part of our family. My goal as a breeder is to maintain the qualities of sound structure, health, great temperment, and intelligence in my pups. All of which make a golden retriever such a wonderful addition to any family.

They are wonderful hunting companions, show dogs, and playful best friends. As a family, we all take a part in raising our dogs and puppies.

We are able to breed and raise our dogs in a loving, caring and hands on environment. Our adult goldens and puppies live in our home, not a kennel. They get lots of attention and socialization, which in return produces well- balanced and friendly puppies. We believe in quality care from the day they are born. We are very proud to say that many of our dogs and puppies have gone on to be service and therapy dogs.

Please check out what our puppies and their new families have been doing, as well as our own family of goldens.

We hope you enjoy our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.